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Travel vaccination

Dr. Abbas Adam, MD
Mary Ellen Sharp, RN, BScN

Milton Travel Clinic specializes in providing travel medicine consultations by highly qualified medical staff. We serve the needs of the physicians and the clients in Milton and surrounding areas, We offer on-site immunizations and are a registered Designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.

Get your children and family vaccinated before you travel to your counties, fast and easily at Milton Travel Clinic, the expert travel medicine provided for Canadians.

When To Visit Us For Travel
Ideally give yourself 4-6 weeks before travel, but it’s never too late to vaccinate. Even if you come on your way to the airport, this would be far better than not visiting us at all.

Some vaccines work right away, some medications are stand by and even some malaria pills can be taken only one day before arrival. If you travel with infants please call us first as we may modify the routine immunization sequence.

Call us and book an appointment. Specialist Doctor will examine your health and immunization history. Based on your travel plans you will be given:

  • Detailed advice regarding food, water, insects, mosquitoes and precautions on the trip;
  • Malaria pills prescription if needed;
  • Antibiotics for treatment of travelers’ diarrhea if needed;
  • High altitude tablets if needed;
  • Jet-lag pills if needed; and
  • Other infections and treatment with instructions;
  • The Doctor may recommend additional vaccines for your trip if needed.

Short notice or rush appointments are available.
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